Can a man ever stop cheating?

Posted by – August 8, 2011

This question is the topic of many conversations.  Can a man really ever stop cheating once he has begun?  Regardless of what your girlfriends may tell you, a man can stop cheating.  Perhaps the following information will help you determine whether or not your man can kick the habit.

  • Why did he cheat? Getting to the root of the problem with your spouse or boyfriend can help you determine whether or not he will stop cheating.  Does he have a sex problem? Are you meeting his needs?  While you are never to blame for him cheating, you do need to figure out why he did it.
  • Realize that cheating is a mistake that can be stopped. Many men (and women for that matter) cheat every day. While some fall into the category of chronic cheaters, others simply make a mistake.  Determining whether or not the situation was a one-time mistake or a habitual occurrences will help you figure out whether or no he will ever stop cheating.
  • What are the circumstances? The circumstances that revolve around cheating can also help you determine whether or not he can actually stop.  Is there a physical attraction or relationship that has developed as a result of the cheating? The answer to this question will usually indicate whether or not the cheating will continue.

Realize that every man is different.  “Once a cheater, always a cheater” does not pertain to every single person who commits the act.  Discover for yourself if your man can overcome the problem.

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